Jared owes his work ethic to his father, Clayton, who put him to work at an early age on his car lot in Flint, Michigan. Pulling weeds, painting walls, and cleaning up the bump shop on weekends began when Jared was 11…then cleaning windows, washing cars, and running errands full-time during the summer months once he turned 14. This led to other manual labor jobs as Jared grew up—pumping gas (pre-self-service) and installing chain link fence in high school, washing dishes in college to help pay for financial aid, assembly line work canning plums in Traverse City, and running chain saw on a Christmas tree crew for two seasons. 

Other job experiences came along as he finished college—selling Christmas trees on lots in Flint and Pontiac, driving cab in Kalamazoo, and working as a trim carpenter for a builder friend of his. Jared continues to spend much of his spare time doing manual labor:  spreading gravel to stabilize 2-tracks, mowing trails, and building decks, docks, footbridges on his home acreage. Hard work is in his blood; he enjoys the exertion and the satisfaction of a job well done.


Jared’s Senior Individualized Project at Kalamazoo College involved volunteering on the Help-Line at Gryphon Place, a crisis intervention program in Kalamazoo. This proved to be a pivotal life experience for him. While he may have been a passably good listener before, Gryphon’s training program and experience on the Help-Line deepened those skills and helped Jared develop his ability to further focus outward—into what was going on in the lives and minds of others. He was soon offered the chance to help train other Help-Line volunteers and was hired a year later as Gryphon’s Crisis Service Coordinator, a role that put him in charge of the recruitment, training, and supervision of volunteer crisis workers.


When Jared made the change to real estate sales—some seven years later—everything he’d learned and taught at Gryphon came into play.  Making a real estate move—whether buying or selling—is one of the most stressful things you can do. Regardless of how much you want out of your current circumstance or how excited you are about where you’re headed, moving is a big change from something that is at least “known” to something “unknown”. That is stressful!  During this time, you can count on Jared to remain calm, prepare you for bumps in the road, and keep things organized. His goal is to make your journey as smooth and worry-free as possible.


When Jared takes time off, one of his favorite activities is fly fishing for trout. In that pursuit, he has often employed fishing guides to better learn rivers and fish behavior and to develop casting expertise. He has always admired the very best fishing guides—the ones that are focused on putting their clients in the right spot at the right time and who provide coaching on the best strategies and tactics for success. Jared’s approach to his real estate clients is the same: First, find out what is important to YOU, then set a course that will facilitate success.  Jared is very clear that his job is one of service; he wants you to be in the best possible position to make sound decisions when the time is right—and he wants you to feel calm and confident every step of the way.